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Apply as a founder/team with an idea

We're looking for founders with a solid, novel idea that we can support. While capital is great, in the early stages the team that can help you turn your concept into a company has the highest value for founders.

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Join an existing team

Are you an individual contributor or a team that is looking for an idea to work on? We have in house ideas / prototypes that we've created that are looking for founders to take over.

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Submit an idea for others to work on

Are you a subject matter expert with a great idea, but don’t have the time or ability to quit your current job to focus on it? Let us help. Once an outline of your idea is submitted, we can work together to make it a reality.

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Start a corporate innovation initiative

Raha Beach has access to the designers, engineers, and operations staff necessary to test ideas, rapidly prototype, and launch companies that align with your organization's vision.

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Become a Raha Beach Ventures investor

Investing in a startup studio fund provides unique opportunities to the involved investor. In addition to a slice of every company produced by the studio, it also enables investors to submit ideas or highlight pain points that other companies in their portfolio may experience. Investors also have significant influence on which ideas are eventually selected and transformed into companies.

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